Maika`i Card Terms and Conditions

Your Maika`i Card:

Upon initial enrollment in the Maika`i Card Program, you will be issued an Introductory Maika`i Card. When you have accumulated 150 Maika`i Points, you will be issued a permanent Maika`i Card to replace your Introductory Maika`i Card. If your permanent Maika`i Card is destroyed, lost, or stolen, and/or a replacement permanent Maika`i Card is issued to you at your request, Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms cannot guarantee that Maika`i Points earned on the destroyed, lost or stolen permanent Maika`i Card will be carried over and transferred to your replacement permanent Maika`i Card account. If your Introductory Maika`i Card is destroyed, lost or stolen, points on that Card will be forfeited. This Card is personal to the Holder, and Rewards will only be issued to the Holder; however, immediate family members of Holder may also use Card to receive points and discounts. Card is good only at Foodland, Sack N Save and Foodland Farms stores in the state of Hawaii. Holder fully understands and agrees to Foodland/Sack N Save/ Foodland Farms’ use of Holder's name, address, phone number and purchasing information as stated in the Privacy Policy section below. Holder releases Foodland, Sack N Save, Foodland Farms, Hawaiian Airlines, their affiliates, subsidiaries, and their respective directors, officers, agents and employees from any and all liability with respect to the Maika`i Program.

How to Use Maika`i Card:

Look for specially marked Maika`i items throughout the store. When purchasing any such items, present your Introductory Maika`i Card or permanent Maika`i Card (collectively referred to as Card) to the cashier prior to having your items scanned at checkout. Your Maika`i Savings will be automatically calculated and printed on your receipt. Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms is not responsible for computer malfunction or technical error of any kind in conjunction with use of Card. Selection of qualifying Maika`i items and the duration of discounts on such items are solely at the discretion of Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms. Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms may revoke Card from Holder at any time, and Card must then be returned to Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms on demand. Any fraudulent act or statement by Holder in conjunction with the Maika`i Program, (including, but not limited to, fraudulent use of Card) will result in revocation of Card and permanent exclusion from the Maika`i Program. Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms may prosecute fraudulent conduct to the fullest extent allowable under civil and criminal law.

Maika`i Points:

For each dollar your spend using the Maika`i Card at Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms (excluding purchases of liquor, tobacco, postage stamps, bus passes, gift certificates, gift cards, taxes, bottle fees and/or where otherwise stated), you will receive one Maika`i Point. Your Maika`i Point balance is printed on the bottom of your receipt when you shop with your Card. Your Maika`i Points balance is printed on the bottom of your receipt when you shop with your Card. Accumulated Maika’i Points expire if Card is not used in a consecutive twelve month period.

Maika`i Rewards:

For each 250 Maika`i Points accumulated, you will receive (1) My Rewards Certificate at checkout. Maika`i Points will be deducted from your account when the Certificate is earned. The Certificate may be redeemed for your choice of either 5% savings off a future grocery purchase (excluding liquor, tobacco, pharmacy prescriptions, postage stamps, bus passes, gift certificates, gift cards, taxes, bottle fees and/or where otherwise stated), 200 HawaiianMiles, or free/specially priced product or other promotional offers as dictated by Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms. To redeem Certificate, present Certificate together with your Maika`i Card to any cashier. Only original Certificates may be used. Mechanical reproductions or facsimiles will not be accepted. Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms is not responsible for lost, damaged, delayed, illegible, or stolen Certificates. All Certificates are subject to verification and approval by Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms. Rewards are awarded to cardholder unless authorization is receive by cardholder to do otherwise. See Certificate itself for additional restrictions on use. To redeem your My Rewards Certificate for HawaiianMiles, you must first have a HawaiianMiles account and link it to your Maika`i account number at To ensure that your miles are sent to Hawaiian Airlines, be sure to present your Maika`i Card upon redemption of the My Rewards Certificate. HawaiianMiles will be credited to the Maika`i cardholder. Terms and Conditions of the HawaiianMiles program are applicable. Call 1-877-426-4537 or visit for details and restrictions.

Privacy Policy:

Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms collects information on Maika`i Member transactions that are stored electronically in our database. This information may be used internally as part of special merchandising and promotion programs. We may from time to time disclose non-personally identifiable compilations of information to third parties for marketing related purposes. It is the policy of Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms that we do not sell, rent, or relinquish personally identifiable information to third party vendors, suppliers, or marketers. We recognize that transaction data is a resource that we use on a confidential basis to improve customer service, lower costs and create personalized merchandising and marketing programs for Maika`i Members. If you do not choose to participate in our internal marketing programs, we will honor your request to have your name(s) removed from our database for internal marketing programs. Mail a written request to the Maika`i Program address stated below with a statement similar to I request that you remove my name from the Maika`i database for use in Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms marketing programs. I do not wish to receive marketing materials through the mail or e-mails.


In case of questions regarding the Maika`i Program, send written inquires to:
Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms Maika`i Program
3536 Harding Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816.

Or call (808) 732-0791 or email us at maikai [at] foodland [dot] com for customer service.