Update Your App

We've updated our App! The old version of the App will no longer be available as of 8/15/16, so please update your app to ensure that you'll continue to receive exclusive offers and be able to view your digital My Rewards.

To update your Foodland App on your iOS device:
1) Go to the iPhone's App store and search for the "Foodland" App.
2) Click "Update".

To update your Foodland App on your Android device:
1) Go to the Google Play store, search for Foodland, and select "Foodland - OLD". Then, click on "Uninstall".
2) Now search for the new Foodland app entitled, "Foodland Hawaii" and click "Install".
3) Once the app is loaded, you can sign in with your same password.
4) You can now view your digital My rewards which will automatically be updated.

If you have further questions about our app, please call our Maika`i Department at (808) 735-7229.