20% off Select Cheeses

Now through April 17th, we'll be featuring 20% off the following select cheeses. These prices won't last long, so stock up on your favorites and don't be afraid to try something new!

New Entwine Wines...

All of us foodies that watch every Chef and Food show on the Food Network could not help but notice the new wine being talked about on the Food Network. Wente Winery and the Food Network have partnered together to craft a new wine called ENTWINE wine. The goal was to offer everyday wine for everyday people to enjoy with everyday food. No foo-foo fancy foods, and no wines that you need a second mortgage to purchase.

Lilies For Abilities, Help Support Easter Seals Hawaii

Every year, Foodland is proud to carry beautiful Easter Lilies grown locally at Howard’s Nursery in Kula, Maui. The handsome gentleman pictured to the left is Howard Takishita, owner of Howard’s Nurseries, Inc, and the green thumb responsible for producing these wonderful lilies. What you may not know is that these same lilies that he tirelessly cultivates especially for our customers, hold a very special place in his heart.

Kettle Brand Potato Chips, what's your flavor?

Until next Tuesday the 27th, you can redeem one Maika`i My Reward Certificate for Two FREE bags of Kettle Brand Chips in the 5 oz. size!

Need help selecting what two bags to get for free with your certificate?

Go to the Kettle Brand Chips website and take the “What’s Your Flavor” quiz! It's ... more »

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Guinness!

As I pour my can of Guinness Draught into a tulip shaped glass I watch that authentic surging and cascading of “tiny bubbles” in the glass and wait patiently for my first sip, the same way I have to wait when a bartender pulls a Guinness from the tap. The unique can utilizes a built in ‘widget’ which provides the right mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide and helps create the perfect creamy head.

Sure enough, if I close my eyes as I take a sip, I feel like I’m at my favorite pub in ... more »

Happy New Year from the Foodland Seafood Team!

With our melting pot of cultures here in Hawaii, it has become part of the local culture to celebrate the New Year with delicious seafood. Some of us believe that a New Year's seafood feast will bring us prosperity in the New Year, and others feel that eating shrimp will lead to longevity. You might even see a whole fish plated at your family get-together, often symbolizing abundance and success in the New ... more »

Seven Deadly Zins & Petite Petit

Five generations of the Phillips family have worked the land and developed these beautiful wines, dating all the way back to the Civil War era. Michael and David Phillips are the brothers who now run the vineyards, develop the wines, design the labels and even write the poetry on the back label (read the Seven Deadly Zins back label for insight on how they related the Seven Sins from their Catholic school upbringing to the seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended in their wine.) Michael and ... more »

Local Hamakua Mushrooms

Back in June, I introduced the locally grown Hamakua Mushrooms. You learned a little about the farm and the different mushrooms that are grown by Hamakua Mushrooms. We ran it on special so I’m sure a lot of you got to taste how delicious they are!

Even though I told you they are grown here in Hawaii (the packaging notates this too,) I feel there are still some of who can’t believe they are grown in Hawaii! So, I went to ... more »

Back in our stores - Mike's Hard Lemonade

After being out of the market for a short while, Mike’s Hard lemonade is back in our stores. Many of our customers have asked, and we are proud to bring Mike’s back into our beverage line-up. This “Lemonade for Grown – Ups” is a refreshing alternative to beer... light, fun and ono-licious.

We are now offering Mike’s Hard Lemonade 6 packs & 12 packs in both Lemonade & Cranberry flavors.

Take Mike’s to your next garage or tail ... more »

Hamakua Mushrooms

This week we have mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms on sale. Choose from your standard button mushroom (mainland grown) or try one of our many varieties of mushrooms grown by Hamakua Mushrooms. Hamakua Mushrooms is dedicated to producing the freshest and highest quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms available in Hawaii. Their 16,000 sq. ft. facility is environmentally controlled and uses a growing process that allows them to produce mushrooms without synthetic fertilizers, ... more »

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