Filet? Ribeye? Strip? T-Bone? What makes them different?

With the launch of our Certified Angus Beef Contest, I thought that it would be a great time to familiarize everyone with a few different cuts of steak. Hopefully, next time you’re at a steakhouse or checking out our meat department this will help you picking out a steak to your liking. Let me know if you’d like to know about any other cuts not mentioned here.

  • Filet Mignon: The most-tender cut of beef, the Filet Mignon has been appearing in restaurants since ... more »

Wine and Cheese?

Just got back from a buying trip with the directors of wine, deli, and R. Field. Was a great trip to Sacramento where we met with over 400 vendors offering cheeses, specialty meats, yogurt, you name it.

We locked onto quite a few great American artisan cheeses, and some really nice French cheeses as well. Keep an eye on R. Field's selection. In short time, they should offer a wider selection of cheeses from France, all flown in.

Nairagi Seafood Kit

New products hit our stores every week. Some come from big manufacturers or outside vendors while others are ones we develop ourselves. Sometimes these offerings hit the mark while at other times… well, let’s just say they might not quite meet our expectations. I suppose that’s all a part of the process of learning and innovation. But sometimes, there’s an item that really WOWs --- a product that is so good we want to tell everyone we know about it. And that’s exactly what I ... more »


Every once in a while, I find a wine that I know I will love. When I saw and tasted these new wines, I liked them so much that I had an entire shipment sent to Hawaii. The best part about these wines, believe it or not, is the label on each bottle. They’re just so fun and not even close to the intimidating labels that you see on most wines these days. Similar to the labels, these wines (especially the new blended wines like Menage A Trois) are easy to enjoy for all wine drinkers, old and ... more »

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