Shop Now to Earn Great Holiday Rewards

The holidays are right around the corner and we are going to make it easy for you to save this year! Starting in November, you’ll be able to redeem your My Rewards certificates for your favorite holiday items – everything from breakfast to dinner, desserts and more – and they’re some of our best deals ever. We’re bringing back our tiered Holiday Product Offers, so don’t forget to save up those My Reward Certificates! The more you shop now, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Cantaloupe Recall does not impact Foodland

Many customers have reached out to us with questions about the cantaloupe in our Foodland stores and we wanted to let all of our customers know that the recall does not impact any products we carry.

The cantaloupe in question with strains of listeriosis come from a farm in Colorado. All of our mainland cantaloupe comes from farms in California so none of our products are part of this recall.

For customers who have questions or want to read more about the recall here is a ... more »

Gnu Flavor and Fiber Bars

We recently launched these at all the Foodland stores. What’s great about the Gnu Foods Flavor and Fiber bars is that you get almost half of your recommended daily fiber intake in one bar, they only have about 130 calories and they taste great.

Banana Walnut and the Orange Cranberry are the two top flavors. They are a baked bar and have a wonderfully fresh feel to them.

Easier-to-feed Organic Baby Food

Organic baby food is a category that continues to post strong year over year growth. Maybe it’s because Mom’s want what is best for their little ones. Maybe it is fears of GMOs. Maybe it’s because the baby food companies are making it so convenient!

We brought in the Plum Organic baby line and it has taken off like a rocket. The squeezy pouches are so easy to use. You simply unscrew the oversized cap (it’s so big ... more »

OnoPops - handmade in Hawaii!

I like to do the Master Cleanse a couple of times a year to help regulate my system and get rid of accumulated toxins. For those of you who have never done it, you basically don’t eat any food for 10 days and live on a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. It’s an amazing experience to go through and I always come out of it with an increased appreciation of food!

I was on day 5 of the cleanse when Josh and Joe from more »

Give Aloha 2011

With Give Aloha, Foodland's Annual Community Matching Gifts Program, in full swing and running through the end of September, I've heard that inquiring minds want to know who to give to. Indeed, with over 500 participating non-profits -- who all do great work for our community to choose from, deciding who to support can be a daunting task. So here are a few tips to think about...

Eat Local Challenge

Well, it's that time to challenge ourselves to eating 100% local again! I don't know about you, but I found the 2010 Kanu Hawaii Eat Local Challenge to be fun and really enlightening. As you may recall, last year I wrote recipes that were mostly local, but this year, I thought that some of you may want to step it up a notch and decide to go 100% local.

The King of Cheeses: Parmigiano-Reggiano

For many people, eating Parmigiano-Reggiano for the first time is a surprising experience. That's because the grainy, slightly crunchy texture of Parmigiano-Reggiano is truly unique.

The Coinstar Gas & Grocery Fill Up!

Have you ever wondered what you could do with all that spare change you have lying around? If you’re anything like me, you have money all over your house… even in your car!

What if I told you all that change could win you groceries or gas for a year? It can, if you head in and visit our friends at Coinstar! Stop by your local Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms store and cash in $10 or more at the Coinstar kiosk and receive a special entry code.

Seven Deadly Zins & Petite Petit

Five generations of the Phillips family have worked the land and developed these beautiful wines, dating all the way back to the Civil War era. Michael and David Phillips are the brothers who now run the vineyards, develop the wines, design the labels and even write the poetry on the back label (read the Seven Deadly Zins back label for insight on how they related the Seven Sins from their Catholic school upbringing to the seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended in their wine.) Michael and ... more »

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