It's Here!

I always enjoy seeing a project that our team has worked hard on come to life. And so it was with great excitement and anticipation that I viewed our new website this morning. While it is still amazing to me at some levels that so much information about companies like ours is now just a click away, such accessibility sure does make things easier than when we had to flip through telephone books, cookbooks, newspapers, and more to find what we needed!

Flower Power

Today at the office I cleaned up a mock-up arrangement we’re doing for an awards dinner next week. The flowers were two weeks old so I finally had to toss them in the rubbish but I saved a happy sunflower from the centerpieces and put it on my desk. I had to take pictures to illustrate how just one simple flower can add so much cheer – that’s the magic of flower power! As I sit here working on my laptop and looking at my monitor I feel like the sunflower is smiling at me and….well it ... more »

Welcome to the new

Aloha everyone and welcome to the new I’m Scott the Web Sage and am here to give you hints about what’s new on our website. In developing our site, the online team here at Foodland wanted to make our site more interactive and created a number of new pages and features that you have to check out. You’ve clearly already made it over to one of our newest pages: the blog.

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