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Langtry Estate & Vineyards

Langtry Estate and Vineyards is the producer of Guenoc and Langtry wines. This renown Vineyard is familiar to Hawaii and even produced a special run of exceptional quality wine to celebrate Ruth's Chris' 20th anniversary in Hawaii. We were very happy to get our hands on this great quality wine that tastes more like it would run $40 to $50 a bottle.

When we tasted these wines, we were blown away at the quality! These two bottles are the very best value in the mid price range for ... more »

A Sneak Peak

One of the things I love at Foodland is that we really care about the food we sell. We pride ourselves on only selling food that we “would serve our own family and friends” and we really mean it. As a buyer I have to present new product lines to our quality control committee in a monthly meeting. It’s really kind of fun in that it is a show-and-tell format.

Last week I presented a few new lines that I am really excited about. I felt great in that everything passed in the ... more »

Champagne and Concord Grapes

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that we just got these 2 new types of grapes in: Concord Grapes and Champagne Grapes. Be on the lookout for them in all Foodland and Sack N Save stores, and if you're able to try them, let us know what you think.

Concord Grapes (See image on the left): The Concord variety are grapes blue-black in color and look as though they have been powdered with silver. They are wonderful eaten out of hand, freshly squeezed into ... more »

South American Roses

Nestled in the Andes Mountain at an elevation of 8,661 feet above sea level, Bogota is the capital city of Columbia. After La Paz in Bolivia and Quito in Ecuador, Bogota is the third-highest capital city in the world. What does that elevation feel like in Hawaiian terms? Haleakala on Maui reaches an elevation of just over 10,000 feet above sea level at the highest peak. That means Bogota ... more »

A Refreshing Riesling

Sweet wine lovers stand up proud and be counted!

The sweeter wine varietals are making a big come back! More and more wine lovers are discovering the fun and joy of the sweeter varietals like Riesling, Gewurtraminer, and Moscato D' Asti.

Sweet Gold

If you love pineapple, you have to try the Hawaiian Crown “Sweet Gold” Pineapple available exclusively in our stores. Locally grown in Kunia, this pineapple is sure to be the best you’ve ever tasted.

Check out what food writer Joan Namkoong had to say about it in last week’s Honolulu Star Advertiser: more »

Wine and Cheese?

Just got back from a buying trip with the directors of wine, deli, and R. Field. Was a great trip to Sacramento where we met with over 400 vendors offering cheeses, specialty meats, yogurt, you name it.

We locked onto quite a few great American artisan cheeses, and some really nice French cheeses as well. Keep an eye on R. Field's selection. In short time, they should offer a wider selection of cheeses from France, all flown in.

Nairagi Seafood Kit

New products hit our stores every week. Some come from big manufacturers or outside vendors while others are ones we develop ourselves. Sometimes these offerings hit the mark while at other times… well, let’s just say they might not quite meet our expectations. I suppose that’s all a part of the process of learning and innovation. But sometimes, there’s an item that really WOWs --- a product that is so good we want to tell everyone we know about it. And that’s exactly what I ... more »

Alexander Valley Vineyards' "Gewurz"

So many times, I ask a customer what they like to drink and the answer is Chardonnay... but when offered a sip of a sweeter varietal like Gewurtaminer or Reisling, they smile and often report ..YES, this is a wine I can really like!"

Wines like Rieslings and Gewurtraminers, sweeter wines are perfect for our warm Hawaii climate and foods.

Easy wine to love, hard name to pronounce... so the folks at Alexander Valley Vineyards (AVV) have made it easier for us.... they call ... more »


Every once in a while, I find a wine that I know I will love. When I saw and tasted these new wines, I liked them so much that I had an entire shipment sent to Hawaii. The best part about these wines, believe it or not, is the label on each bottle. They’re just so fun and not even close to the intimidating labels that you see on most wines these days. Similar to the labels, these wines (especially the new blended wines like Menage A Trois) are easy to enjoy for all wine drinkers, old and ... more »

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