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Summer may be over, but Grillin' season is here to stay in Hawaii and our partners at Certified Angus Beef® are excited to kick off a Win a Weber Grill Sizzlin' Sweepstakes! Starting today, come on in and enter at any Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms location for your chance to win a grill of your dreams - a brand new Weber Spirit E-320 Grill!

Quality and Certified Angus Beef ®

During the Summer we know that there are lots of reasons for people get together in Hawaii. From birthdays to family gatherings to BBQ's with friends there is always a reason and there is always plenty of food. I know that many of you come to Foodland and buy our meat from our partners at Certified Angus Beef®. As more of you have tried and liked the brand I do get asked what makes it so good and how do you know it is such good quality?

What's New with Certified Angus Beef!

I know that Memorial Day and Father’s day are right around the corner and those are occasions when families get together and the grills are always heated up. Our teams are there to help you pick that right cut of meat to make sure you impress your friends and family when you get together.

No Corn in Corned Beef

Although the rock salt used to cure the beef looked like corn, that’s not how corned beef got its name. The form of curing beef using salt is called corning and that is how Corned Beef was born. Interestingly, Corned Beef & Cabbage is derived from the Irish dish of Bacon and Cabbage, and along the storied way it's become an American favorite that we've all come to associate with St. Patrick's Day!

Grilling Tips for Certified Angus Beef

Grilling is easy, just remember:

S - T - E - A - K - S

Start with a hot grill. Searing beef helps lock in delicious juices.
Turn steaks gently with tongs or a spatula; never pierce with a fork.
Ensure juiciness by flipping steaks only once.
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Filet? Ribeye? Strip? T-Bone? What makes them different?

With the launch of our Certified Angus Beef Contest, I thought that it would be a great time to familiarize everyone with a few different cuts of steak. Hopefully, next time you’re at a steakhouse or checking out our meat department this will help you picking out a steak to your liking. Let me know if you’d like to know about any other cuts not mentioned here.

  • Filet Mignon: The most-tender cut of beef, the Filet Mignon has been appearing in restaurants since ... more »