Eggs safe at Foodland Stores

Many of you have questions regarding the mainland egg recall.

The eggs that were recalled were from the Wright Egg Farm in Galt, Iowa. This egg farm packages eggs under numerous labels throughout the United States but none of which are carried at the Foodland, Foodland Farms, Sack N Save, Malama Market, or Food Pantry locations. Our mainland eggs come from the Hickmans Family Farms in Arizona. We are very particular about the conditions of the farms we purchase our eggs from and will never risk lower price for quality. In most cases, eggs are put at risk due to farm conditions far more frequently than the actual handling and refrigeration of the eggs. You will find a certification stamp on each carton of our Farm Pack eggs from Hickmans.

This stamp is only one of the many requirements Foodland has for our eggs. Hickmans Family Farms are not only rated with one of the highest sanitation and quality rankings they are also great supporters of our local community including annual donations to the Hawaii Food bank and annual participation in our Give Aloha program which supports our local charities.

I have personally spoken with the Hawaii State Department of Health at the onset of the egg recall. Our state department was also very concerned about this recall. As we identified our source of eggs from Hickmans Family Farms it was immediately noted that these eggs were NOT part of the nationwide recall and safe for our customers. Below are a few links you may be interested in.

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