Flyin’ Hawaiian Poke – It’s Official!

We are so excited about our new partnership with Shane Victorino and excited to announce the winner of our Flyin’ Hawaiian Poke. Without further waiting…the winner is HOME PLATE!

We wanted our customers to be a part of this partnership as well which is why we had you try the “bases” in 14 of our stores and then come online and vote for your favorite. We had over 4,600+ votes for the different bases and home plate is the big winner. This is the flavor that has great crunch with Japanese cucumber and kimchee but also a strong spicy side that hits you later on.

We want this flavor to be a hit with our customers and also a hit with Hawaii as $0.25 of every pound we sell this next year will go to the Shane Victorino Foundation. So not only will our customers win with a great new poke flavor, but also Hawaii will win with Shane and his Foundation.

We just were so excited to meet Shane the other day so he could taste all the bases and pick his favorite. Shane was so nice and so much fun that we spent over an hour with him at the airport eating poke and talking story. Right away you knew Shane was a true local boy, just down to earth, eating poke at the airport as if he had known us for years.

It has been a fun way to welcome Shane home and to have him as part of our Foodland family. We are so excited to partner with him and share this partnership with all our great customers. More great things to come. Mahalo to everyone that voted and come try Home Plate, the official Flyin’ Hawaiian Poke.



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