Newest Addition - Musubi Bag

Aloha! Please join me in welcoming the new reusable Musubi bag!

This new addition joins the ranks of Foodland’s reusable bags as possibly the cutest one yet! The idea behind the design was basically, “What makes Hawaii people happy?” The answer was clear: spam musubi, duh!

This design takes me back to the days when I sat in math class, doodling in my notebook—I-I mean, diligently taking notes in my notebook. *cough cough* The big musubi on the front and back of the bag is laid out like a diagram, with dimensions, ingredients, instructions for making it—really, anything you could want to know about making a spam musubi. It’s like a how-to guide for beginners.

Around the bag are scattered various other musubi incarnations, some well-known and some a little less than common, including the “low-carb musubi” (a piece of spam wrapped with an extra-skinny strip of nori) and the “BAMBUCHA musubi,” which is too big to fit on the bag.

Also, I LOVE the bright turquoise color. It reminds me of the ocean on a sunny day, making it perfect for summer picnics and beach days. (It’s also great for any other season here in Hawaii, since bright colors are always in season here!)

It’s so important to protect our beautiful islands, and you can help by using reusable bags when you shop. FYI, for every reusable bag you use at checkout at Foodland, you get 5¢ back! Plus, you’ll receive a stamp card that’s redeemable for a free bag of Back to Nature Nuts! Do you have any other sustainable tips to share? I’d love to hear them!

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Thanks so much for the great comments about our “musubi bag!” As I read them, I have to smile because your reactions – and those of customers seeing the bag for the first time in our stores – really mirror the response we had when Nelly, a designer in the creative department, presented the bag idea. The creative team wanted to design a bag that was distinctly local, one that would have a connection to Foodland – Food, Family, Friends, and one our customers would respond to. We believe it’s important that our reusable bags convey something about the culture and community we love – after all we are now the only locally owned supermarket with stores across the state.

We're glad you love the bag as much as we do and want to thank and congratulate Nelly for celebrating musubi in a fun and playful way that makes us proud. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next...

It was "Love at First Sight" when I first laid eyes upon this 'Musubi' Eco Bag at the Aina Haina 'Farms' store.

The colors are very "SPAM-ish", while the "Pidgin to da' Max" illustration style is whimsically funny and quite clever in all its simplicity. My favorite musubi concepts on the bag are the "Low Carb Musubi" (a slice of SPAM with nori wrapped around it and NO RICE! lol), and the "Broke da' Mouth" 6-tiered SPAM Musubi. 6 tiers! Never ever seen one done like that before in my life!

Mahalo for introducing this fun, very "local style" Eco Bag design to your stores! Broke da' mout', 5-SPAM Musubi (bag) winnahz!


Thanks for the feedback @goodvibrations and @sithbk. The bags are on sale for $1.99 at each of our check-out stands.

Cute bag! How much are they? Yeah, great gifts for mainland relatives...

The design is so CUTE, I bought one last week and now my family on the mainland wanted too. Will be heading back to Foodland to buy more musubi bag.

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