Single Cup Brewing Revolution

I recently read on the web that 40% of the 18 to 24 year-olds who responded to the National Coffee Association's National Coffee Drinking Trends 2011 survey said they are drinking coffee daily, compared with 31% in 2010. As an avid coffee drinker/lover and being somewhat obsessive about the magical brew that is released from the most wonderful of beans, I am pleased to see that people are coming back to coffee and maybe reducing the consumption of sugary energy drinks.

One of the trends that is bringing people back to the world of coffee is single cup brewers.

My favorite for years has been the Keurig Brewing System . Keurig single brewing cups or “K-Cups” for short are a simple and easy way to get a great tasting cup of gourmet coffee without much prep, measuring, or cleaning up for that matter. From what I have learned, it seems that you need a lot of heat to unlock the flavor of the bean. A good coffee brewer has a really strong burner inside that gets the water hot enough to unleash the flavor. I have my Keurig set at 192 degrees…I like my coffee hot!

If you haven't had a chance to try a Keurig Machine, check out this awesome opportunity to win one of ten available Keurig Brewing Systems in Foodland's 63rd Anniversary Sweepstakes. The wonderful folks over at Green Mountain Coffee generously provided these machines to giveaway. Click here for a chance to win a Keurig Machine or one of 63 total prizes!

We recently added 6 varieties of K-Cups to our coffee sections in convenient 12 count sizes.

To no surprise right off the bat the Tully’s Kona Blend was the top seller:

This is a truly delicious Kona blend that is roasted a little darker than what is typically out there but the lush citrus notes still come through.

Do you like your coffee a little darker? I have been alternating between the Tully’s Kona Blend and French Roast and still can’t figure out which one I like more.

The Tully’s French Roast has an impressive smokiness that I love…it’s not over roasted but has a ton of flavor and is a great cup of coffee.

We also brought in two Newman’s Own Organic options: Newman's Special Blend & Newman's Special Decaf.

Nell Newman is carrying on her father’s legacy of philanthropy and making a big difference with her commitment to organic farming. These coffees are Fair Trade Certified, Organic, and wonderful additions to our K Cup mix.

The last two coffees rounding out our initial K Cup launch are from Green Mountain Coffee RoastersBreakfast Blend and Hazelnut. These are excellent coffees for people looking for a nice flavored option or something a little smoother.

Great with a little cream and sugar and a nice option for those wanting something a little more exciting in their cup.

There are a lot of varieties and flavors of K cups out there so if there is something you wish we carried please let me know. I love special requests!

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