Take the Bag Challenge

We are excited to announce our "Take the Bag challenge" in an effort to encourage our customers to use reusable bags and help cut down on the number of bags used in Hawaii. Remember to take the pledge next time you shop with us and also encourage your friends and family to do the same.

How do I pledge?
Beginning November 7th, when you shop at Foodland you notify our cashiers at checkout that you wish to pledge to take the bag challenge. You will immediately join the other customers that have taken the pledge to Take the Bag Challenge.

How does the Bag Challenge Work?
Once you take the Bag Challenge pledge, from November 7th until January 30th we will track when you shop at Foodland and use a reusable bag. Once you have shopped with us 10 times and used reusable bags, we will award you 100 Bonus Maika`i Points.

Where do I get a cool reusable bag?
Foodland of course. Right now it is even easier because you can receive a FREE reusable bag or insulated bag when you take the Bag Challenge pledge and spend $25 or more.* This is valid until November 30th. To see some of our great bags just click here.
*Excludes canvas bags. Some restrictions apply.

Does it count if I use 10 bags in 1 visit?
Our goal is to encourage our customers to get in the habit of using reusable bags and help reduce bag usage here in Hawaii. With this in mind, to qualify for the 100 Bonus Maika`i Points it is measure on bag usage for 10 shopping trips not how many bags are used in each trip.

Does it count if I don't use a bag?
Our hope is to help encourage our customers to always think about reusable bags when they shop at Foodland. So we do appreciate no bag being used, but that will not count toward the 10 visits using reusable bags.

Mahalo to all our customers for Taking the Bag Challenge and helping us reduce the number of bags we use in Hawaii.

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Hi Mauilady808 and Cheryl Sato. Thank you so much for shopping with us. Cheryl is right, when you use reusable bags at Foodland you can now choose between a $0.05 credit or 3 HawaiianMiles. If you have registered your Maika`i Card with your HawaiianMiles account on the Hawaiian Airlines Website, then all you have to do is let our cashiers know that you choose the 3 HawaiianMiles for each bag used. Please allow 6 weeks for those HawaiianMiles to appear as it takes time to process. Hopefully that helps answer the question. You can always contact us at services [at] foodland [dot] com if you have questions about your specific account or transaction

To mauilady808. Whenever you use a reusable bag, the cashier is supposed to give you a 5 cents bag credit for every reusable bag you use. I believe this is so even if you are not a registered Maikai Card member. According to the website to qualify for this Take the Bag Challenge, you have to already be a registered Maikai Member. If you want the Hawaiian Miles instead of the bag credit you would have to also register to receive Hawaiian Miles, before having the option to select Hawaiian Miles. At minimum, if she did not deduct the bag credit from your receipt, she should have given you 5 cents. I was also told that each time you go to the store you would have to indicate whether you want the Hawaiian Miles or bag credit.Hope this helps.

I went to Foodland Kahului last night (11/8), spent $58, brought my reusable bag. I noticed the cashier did not give me a 5-cent bag credit, so I asked if she was going to credit my Hawaiian miles account. I was told I have to register online (which I've already done). Can someone help?

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