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Aloha everyone and welcome to the new Foodland.com. I’m Scott the Web Sage and am here to give you hints about what’s new on our website. In developing our site, the online team here at Foodland wanted to make our site more interactive and created a number of new pages and features that you have to check out. You’ve clearly already made it over to one of our newest pages: the blog. Our expert bloggers, from Jodi the Grocery Guru to Ed the Prince of Pau Hana, will keep you updated on new products and events, inform you about what goes on behind the scenes here at Foodland, and maybe tell you a story or two. After reading a post that you really enjoy from our blog, you can save it to your profile by signing into your Foodland.com account. By signing into your account, another new asset on the site, you can check your Maka`i Card points, see what rewards you’ve redeemed and save recipes, videos and blog posts as your favorites. Speaking of recipes, we have over 130 recipes and counting. The best part is that with our new “servings adjustor” tool, you’ll be able to prepare our recipes for any amount of people without using a calculator. Also, to enhance and improve your cooking, we have a video page with footage of our chefs Keoni and Rick giving culinary tips and sounding off recipes. So have fun snooping around the new site, and feel free to give us some feedback by either commenting on this post or by heading over to the "contact us" page.

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I didn't see a place to post comments about something that happened while shopping so I'll just put my comment here.Today while shopping at the Pearl City store the cashier Daniel was wonderfull. I saw that Betty Crocker brownies were on sale, 2 boxes for $5.00. Of course I did not read the sign good.It said triple chunk brownies. However, there were no triple chunk brownies on the display. So, Daniel talked to the manager and since the sign was posted the manager gave the brownies to me for that price. Then Daniel refunded me the difference, all the while his check out line was growing. He showed his ability to work under pressure. He was both proficient and courteous. Great job Daniel!!!

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