Local Farm Visits

Here at Foodland, we are passionate about buying local. As a locally owned and operated company, we know firsthand that the community benefits when all of us—whether large businesses or individuals—support local companies and producers. As such, we have made a commitment to make it easier to "buy local" in our stores by designating local items with bright green "local" signs, grouping local produce under a "locally grown in Hawaii" banner, and sharing information about some of the local farmers with whom we work. As our partnership with local farmers has grown and we've learned more about their history, challenges, and goals, we wanted to find a way to share their stories with you. Rooted strongly here in Hawaii, each farm is not only unique and fascinating, but also provides a strong testament to why we should all buy local. And that's how our Local Farm Visits series was born. Each week we'll feature a new interview with one of our local farmers. You'll be able to hear their stories directly from them and learn how their produce comes to Foodland and Sack N Save. What's more they'll talk about what makes their products special and how you—as a customer—impact their lives.

Local Farm VisitsVideos

Click on the Kahuku Farms link below to view our interview with Clyde Fukuyama and Mel Matsuda:

Kahuku Farms

Kahuku Farms Papaya & Long Eggplant

Sugarland Farms

Sugarland Farms Watermelons

Hamakua Springs Country Farms

Hamakua Springs Country Farms Tomatoes and Bananas

Hawaii Pineapple Company

Hawaiian Crown Sweet Gold Pineapples & Apple Bananas

Robb Farms

Robb Farms Organic Lettuce