Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and answers about our Maika`i Program. If you do not see your question below or if there was not enough information within an FAQ to answer your question, please contact us and submit your question and we will respond as soon as possible.

General Maika`i Program Questions

There is no cost to join the Maika`i Program.

Visit any Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms store and ask a cashier to apply.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We do not currently have a way to sign up for a Maika`i Card in advance, but it’s very easy to sign up once you arrive.

You may do any of the options listed below:

  • Visit the Customer Service Counter
  • Call: 808-732-0791
  • Email: maikai [at] foodland [dot] com
  • Register with and link your Maika`i card to your account

Yes, however only one name can be listed on the receipt. Also a My Rewards Certificate can only be issued to the person who is the primary cardholder.

We need to have your current information so we can look up your account in our system in case you have any questions, or if you've forgotten your card and need to use the phone look up feature at the store. Additionally, we have now gone cardless with our introductory card system, and we need a phone number or a unique 10-digit code in order to create and look up cardless introductory cards. Foodland does not sell, rent, or relinquish personally identifiable information to third party vendors, suppliers or marketers.

  • Look for our weekly ad in Midweek
  • Visit
  • Look for specials advertised in our stores

At the bottom of your receipt you will see a line that says "Total Maika`i Savings Today".

  • Mailing Address:
    Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms Maika`i Program
    3536 Harding Ave.
    Honolulu, HI 96816
  • Phone: 808-732-0791
  • Email: maikai [at] foodland [dot] com

Only Maka`i member receives special discounts and points. You must be a member to enjoy these benefits.

You will receive a permanent card once you have accumulated 150 points on your introductory card.

Earning and Tracking Maika`i Points

Earn Maika`i Points on qualifying purchases (excluding liquor, postage stamps, bus passes, gift certificates, gift cards, taxes, bottle fees and/or where otherwise stated). Points are calculated in real-time; you will always know your current standing. When you reach 150 points on your Introductory Maika`i Card you will receive a permanent card. All points earned on your Introductory Maika`i Card will be transferred to your permanent Maika`i Card.

For each dollar you spend using your Maika`i Card at Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms on qualifying purchases you'll earn one point.

Points do not expire as long as you use your card at least once within a consecutive twelve month period.

At the bottom of your receipt you will see a recap of your previous Maika`i balance, the new points you have added from your recent purchase and the total points. You can also register with and link your Maika`i card to your account. Once you do so, you will be able to view your current point balance.

Yes, please hold onto your receipt and the next time you come into the store with your Maika`i Card please take your receipt to the customer service counter for credit.

Maika'i My Rewards Certificates

The certificate is issued at check out each time you accumulate 250 points on your Maika`i Card. The certificate can be used for 5% off a future grocery purchase, 200 HawaiianMiles or a Free/Specially Priced Product. Once the certificate has been issued, your point balance will automatically have 250 points subtracted from it. My Rewards Certificates are issued on the visit following your accumulation of 250 points.

Check the box next to the option that you want (i.e. the 5% discount, free/specially priced product, or 200 HawaiianMiles) and turn in the certificate to the cashier at checkout. You can only redeem My Rewards Certificates in a Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms store. You cannot redeem them by mailing them in or online.

Yes, please look at the upper right hand corner of the certificate for the expiration date.

My Rewards Certificates are transferrable, so yes, you may redeem a certificate that was originally issued to someone else if they give it to you.

The Regal Travel program officially ended on June 30, 2011. All Regal Travel Points have now expired.

General Mobile App Questions

To update your account information, please login on the upper right corner of our website, and once logged in, select My Account also on the upper right corner of our website to edit your account information OR please contact our Maika`i department at (808) 735-7229.

No, if you already have an account on our website, you will be able to use that same account to log in to the mobile app and the Foodland website.

Product availability varies at our locations and we want to provide you with the most accurate information.

These are the same as the My Rewards Certificates issued at the register when you accumulate 250 points. When you opt-in to digital My Rewards, you will receive your My Rewards through our Mobile App and no longer at the register.

When you are ready to redeem your reward, on the Mobile App, select the reward you want to redeem and present the barcode to the cashier.

It should take no longer than 5 minutes after your transaction. You can also tap the gray refresh button to the left of the 'Scan' button underneath the Maika`i Card image.

Digital My Rewards expire exactly 6 months from the original date issued. For example, if a digital My Rewards is earned on January 1, 2014, the expiration date will be June 30, 2014. If multiple digital My Rewards are available, the oldest digital My Rewards will be redeemed first. Also, a reminder notification will be automatically sent to your Mobile App in intervals of 2 weeks before expiration, 1 week before expiration and 1 day before expiration of a digital My Rewards.

You can email us by clicking here: Contact Us or you may reach our Maika`i department by calling (808) 735-7229.

Earning HawaiianMiles at Foodland

The way our partnership with Hawaiian Airlines works is that you can receive HawaiianMiles when you earn a My Rewards Certificate. You do not earn a mile for every dollar you spend. When you shop at Foodland with your Maika‘i Card, you are earning one Maika‘i Point for every dollar you spend. When you reach 250 points, you will receive a My Rewards Certificate. This certificate is redeemable for various rewards including 200 HawaiianMiles.

Yes, you must have a HawaiianMiles account to receive HawaiianMiles through Foodland. If you don’t already have one, it’s quick and easy to sign up at Once you have a HawaiianMiles account, you must link your Maika`i Card number to your HawaiianMiles number at You will only have to do this once. After that, you’ll be able to redeem My Rewards Certificates for HawaiianMiles. ~

Visit or call 1-877-HA-MILES (1-877-426-4537). You can check how many miles you have with Hawaiian Airlines.

If your Maika‘i Card number begins with “422” instead of “432” this means that you have an introductory account. Once you accumulate 150 Maika‘i points, you will automatically receive a permanent card from the cashier. Your new permanent card will have a 12-digit number that begins with “432.” This is the number that you will use to register with your HawaiianMiles number at

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for the miles to appear in your account.

You will earn 3 HawaiianMiles for each reusable bag that is used that saves a plastic or paper bag from being used. So it is not how many reusable bags you have with you, but how many reusable bags are used for your groceries.

While we appreciate you not using a bag and helping reduce the number of bags used in Hawaii, our goal is to help encourage our customers to always use reusable bags. HawaiianMiles will be awarded only if a reusable bag is brought in and used. The hope is that it creates the habit of reusable bags when shopping at Foodland.

Forgotten, Lost or Stolen Maika'i Cards

If your introductory Maika`i Card has been lost or stolen, the points on that card are forfeited. Please visit the customer service counter for a new introductory Maika`i Card.

Please visit the Customer Service Counter for a replacement card. Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms cannot guarantee that Maika`i points earned on the lost or stolen card can be carried over and transferred to your new replacement Maika`i card.

Yes. At the time of check out, please use the pin pad to type in your phone number or visit the Customer Service Counter to look up your account by your first and last name and we’ll provide you with your Maika`i account number.

Simply visit the customer service counter at any Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms store. Give the clerk your Maika`i Card number or the phone number that is connected to your card, and they will be happy to make a replacement card for you.