Frequently Asked Questions

The certificate is issued at check out each time you accumulate 250 points on your Maika`i Card. The certificate can be used for 5% off a future grocery purchase, 200 HawaiianMiles or a Free/Specially Priced Product. Once the certificate has been issued, your point balance will automatically have 250 points subtracted from it. My Rewards Certificates are issued on the visit following your accumulation of 250 points.

Check the box next to the option that you want (i.e. the 5% discount, free/specially priced product, or 200 HawaiianMiles) and turn in the certificate to the cashier at checkout. You can only redeem My Rewards Certificates in a Foodland/Sack N Save/Foodland Farms store. You cannot redeem them by mailing them in or online.

Yes, please look at the upper right hand corner of the certificate for the expiration date.

My Rewards Certificates are transferrable, so yes, you may redeem a certificate that was originally issued to someone else if they give it to you. However, this only works for the 5% discount or free/specially priced product options. If you try to redeem it for HawaiianMiles, the miles will not go into your HawaiianMiles account. This is due to a system limitation. You can only link one Maika‘i Card to one HawaiianMiles account. You cannot connect a second Maika‘i Card to your HawaiianMiles account. If you try to redeem someone else’s My Rewards Certificate for 200 HawaiianMiles, the miles will be deposited into that other person’s account, not yours.

The Regal Travel program officially ended on June 30, 2011. All Regal Travel Points have now expired.