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Blog Posting Guidelines

Below you will find some blog guidelines for posting comments in our Blog. We ask that all site users who post comments to please abide by these guidelines. Foodland moderators reserve the right to remove any comments at anytime that do not abide by these posted guidelines.

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  • Keep the Aloha Spirit
    We ask that all users who post in the blog to please remain courteous, polite, and respectful to other users.
  • No Advertisements
    Please do not post any marketing messages in your comments. This includes any solicitations to our readers for commercial or promotional purposes of any kind. Also, please refrain from posting any URLs to external sites for promotional purposes.
  • No Profanity
    Please refrain from using any foul language in your comments. We also ask that you do not link to any external sites with objectionable or offensive content.
  • Keep It Clean
    In addition to foul language, we also ask that you do not include any obscene, sexually explicit, racist, or hateful language of any kind.
  • Stay Safe
    Please keep all public postings safe. Do not post any private or personal information, such as your phone number, home address, or email address. This also includes posting other people's private information.
  • Avoid Plagiarism
    Please do not include any content that you did not write or create yourself in any of your posted comments.
  • Stay on Topic
    We encourage you to write any comments on any articles, however, please keep all comments related to the blog article as much as possible.
  • Post as Yourself
    Although we do not require that you post using your real name (make sure your user name is not similar to your real name to maintain your anonymous identity), please do not misrepresent yourself or submit and comments under an identity (individual or company) that is not your own.