Shop for Higher Education FAQs

  1. What are the program dates for Shop for Higher Education?
    This year, the program runs from February 15, 2017 through March 28, 2017.
  2. Which schools may participate in Shop for Higher Education?
    The program is open to all public and private high schools statewide. Home schools are not eligible.
  3. How can schools participate?
    All high schools must register online each year in January at The open registration period is from January 2-18, 2017.
  4. Do customers have to be Maika`i Members to participate?
    Yes, customers must be a Maika`i member and use their Maika`i Card to designate their points to their favorite high school(s). Customers who do not have a Maika`i card may request to enroll in the Maika`i program by providing their 10-digit phone number or unique 10-digit number.
  5. How do customers donate their Maika`i Points to their favorite high school?
    Maika`i members must select a school each year from the list of participating schools at checkout. The previous year’s designation does not carry over.
  6. Do I lose my Maika`i points when I designate a school?
    No, Maika`i members designating their Maika`i points to a school will earn points for themselves and their designated school. Maika`i members do not lose any points by designating a school.
  7. How does a student get selected for a scholarship?
    At the end of the program, Foodland notifies the high schools who have received scholarships. The high school selects the student based on the criteria established by Foodland.

For information, call Community Relations at (808) 732-0791 or email shopforhighereducation [at] foodland [dot] com