R. Field Wine & Cheese Pairings

1. Double Cream Gouda - Wheel
Double Cream Gouda is known as one of the creamiest and mellowest cheeses made in Holland. In the controlled conditions of a small cheese making factory, every cheese is painstakingly prepared, treated and aged. Double Cream Gouda is made in Staphorst, in the eastern part of Holland in the Province of Overijsel, where men, women and even children walk around in their traditional costumes. The houses are painted green or light blue. The tradition and craftsmanship couples with the finest ingredients and creamiest milk results in this truly glorious cheese. In Holland the cheese is sold under the name of Room Kaas.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Poppy Chardonnay 2009, $12.99
Bright tropical fruit flavors and a touch of vanilla in this white wine enlivens the rich creaminess of the cheese in this match made in heaven.

2. Piave Vecchio
Often likened to the king of Italian cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Piave is a deliciously nutty, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto in northern Italy. It has a concentrated sweet, crystalline paste with a full, tropical fruit flavor and slight almond bitterness. Aged for twelve months, Piave is wonderful as a table cheese, shaved over a salad of bitter greens, or enjoyed with an aperitif. Like Parmigiano, Piave has an affinity for both red and white wine, but is smoother and easier to eat right from the wheel.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, $ 15.99
The sharp full flavor of this cheese pairs well with the bold structure and blackberry and cassis flavors of this smooth red wine.

3. Raclette
Perfect for melting, especially with the tradionally known dish, also called Raclette. Customarily, cheese is melted before an open fire, then scraped over boiled potatoes, cornichons, pickled onions and cured meats such as Speck, Prosciutto or Bresaola. Melters are available for home use. Raclette is a supple, buttery, washed-rind cheese that has a savory as well as fruity, rich taste becoming more pronounced with age.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Benvolio Pinot Grigio 2009, $9.99
Delicate citrus fruit and zesty acidity matches well with the creamy, earthy flavors of the cheese.

4. Taleggio
A soft and creamy, washed-rind cheese with a "stinky" aroma and perfectly smooth, buttery almost mild flavor. This delicious Italian cheese has a hint of yeastiness, a good balance of salt and goes well with Italian antipasti.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Cecchi Chianti 2009, $12.99/$9.99
Rich and creamy, with a slight funky/mushroomy scent, Taleggio pairs fantastically with the bright tart cherry fruit and smooth finish of this Chianti.

5. Humboldt Fog
This northern California, award-winning goat cheese company, Cypress Grove Chevre, produces cheese with a delicate flavor and fresh taste paired with a perfect balance of salt and acidity, as a result of gentle pasteurization. This unique, soft-ripened variety has become their signature cheese - a wheel of fresh chevre with a line of ash running horizontally through the center, representing the coastal fog of Humboldt County. Aged for 3 weeks, it is creamy, white and earthy when young, gaining complexity with age.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 2009, $15.99
The explosive gooseberry and zippy grapefruit flavors of this New Zealand favorite blends well with the tart grassy notes of Humbolt Fog.

6. Hunstman
A delicious combination of two of England's greats - Stilton and Double Gloucester. The smooth, mild flavor of Double Gloucester is layered with the piquant, pronounced taste of Stilton. This eye-appealing combination makes the perfect match. Serve with crusty bread and beer!

Suggested Wine Pairing: Rail 2 Rail Zinfandel, $12.99
Creamy yet salty and full-flavored, Huntsman tastes great with the soft cherry and raspberry fruit of this smooth, incredibly easy-drinking Zin.

7. Tartufo Bianco
A creamy, garlicky soft cheese from Italy. Made of cow's milk this cheese is a great addition to any cheese platter.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Votre Sante Pinot Noir, $17.99/$11.99
The pungent garlicky/earthy flavor of this white truffle infused sheep's milk cheese lends itself to Pinot Noir, and this Pinot is fantastic with it's delicate dark raspberry and strawberry fruit.

8. Brie, Fromage de Meaux
Created to replace "the real thing" - Brie de Meaux, and AOC cheese that cannot be exported due to its production using raw milk. Fromage de Meaux is the name given to the pasteurized version and is a very good reproduction having many raw milk nuances. Rich and complex with a spicy finish becoming runny as it matures.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Mionetto Prosecco, $15.99/$12.99
One of the world's greatest brie style cheeses can only be properly accompanied by a glass of celebratory bubbly! This Prosecco is exuberant in its flavors of pear, apple, and citrus; soft, delicate bubbles round it out and lead to a perfect finish.