Grilled Tandoori Style Chicken

Our version of an Indian favorite!

Local Ground Beef & Watercress

A classic plantation-style dish

Konbu Maki

Chef Keoni shows how to prepare this traditional Okinawan dish!

Dry Mein

An interesting, classic dish that originated from the island of Maui!

Chinese Style Long Beans with Garlic and Ground Pork

A classic Asian dish with amazing flavor!

Cone Sushi

A local favorite made quick and simple!

Kim Chee Pancake (Kimchijeon)

A spicy Korean side dish!

Beef Ddukgalbi

For the first Eat Local Tuesdays recipe, Chairman and CEO Jenai Wall joins Chef Keoni Chang in making a delicious Korean dish.

Korean Style Gogi Dogs with Kim Chee Slaw

Chef Keoni Chang's winning recipe for the 2014 Food Marketing Institute Supermarket Chef Showdown Family Meals Category!

Oyako Donburi

This traditional Japanese dish combines savory flavors and textures and has become a Hawaii local favorite!

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