Eat Local Tuesdays

Salted Chocolate Chunk and Pretzel Mini Cheesecakes

A sweet-and salty treat that disappears in three bites, this delicious dessert is made even more delectable by the addition of Chocolate on a Mission’s premium chocolate bars and chocolate covered pretzels.

Local Citrus Salad

This beautiful, bright salad makes a flavorful complement to any meal and is a showstopper addition to a party buffet.

Goat Cheese with Local Honey

This quick and tasty appetizer features .

Rich, earthy goat cheese contrasts with mellow, sweet Big Island Bees Organic Honey in this ultra-simple appetizer.

Local Fruit Salad with Mint and Honey

A fun, sweet & flavorful salad made with all local fruits!

Cream Kale with Bacon

Chef Keoni shows how to make this great side dish and a delicious way to enjoy kale!

Chinese Style Long Beans with Garlic and Ground Pork

A classic Asian dish with amazing flavor!

Quick Flatbread Pizza

A quick and fun meal for the whole family!

Papaya Seed Dressing

Hawaii's favorite salad dressing!

Kim Chee Pancake (Kimchijeon)

A spicy Korean side dish!

Sautéed Hamakua Mushrooms

A hearty local side dish!

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