Grilled Pork Roast

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Recipe CategoriesPork


5Poundpork sirloin roast or boneless pork butt
1⁄4Cupolive oil
1⁄4Cupdistilled vinegar
5eachgarlic cloves, crushed
1⁄2Teaspoonred pepper, crushed
1⁄2Teaspoonground black pepper
1⁄2Teaspoondried thyme
1⁄2Teaspoondried oregano



  1. Combine all ingredients in a Ziploc bag and marinate for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Preparing the Grill

  1. First, start your fire.
  2. To get a good smoky flavor, a wood fire is best, but to get it going quickly you can start with charcoal and add wood when the charcoal is burning well.
  3. The grill should be closed, and grill temperature should be maintained at about 350° the entire cooking process.
  4. If your grill does not have a built in thermometer in the lid, put an oven thermometer right by the opening and check it occasionally.
  5. You will probably need to add fresh wood or charcoal and adjust the vents to keep the temperature just right.
  6. Remember that the grill temperature should be maintained at about 350° for the entire cooking process.
  7. Move the coals so you can place the roast on a cooler part of the grill.
  8. Place the roast on the cooler part of the grill.
  9. Let the roast cook slowly with the grill covered.
  10. Keep a close eye on the roast to manage any flare ups from the fat drippings.
  11. You want the indirect heat to cook the roast and allow the smoky flavor to infuse into the roast.
  12. Remove when the inside of the roast registers 160°, or about 20 minutes per pound.
  13. Let rest for 10 minutes and serve.


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