Excellence in Leadership

"My wife and I vacationed in Kihei from February 21st thru March 4th. We exclusively shopped at your Kihei store, after visiting other markets in the area. It goes without saying that the variety and quality of your perimeter fresh food areas were awesome. The rest of the store was clean and well stocked.

However, for me it was your store director, Rob Cadle, that prompted my loyalty. On several occasions (although he was very busy) Rob personally saw that our questions were answered, and physically took us to the aisles where the products could be found.

Additionally, being an ex-Kroger man, I couldn't help but notice the respect and good humour Rob showed when dealing with his staff. I noticed the trickle down affect this had on the people who worked under him. It was obvious that Rob was constantly on top of his work - and it showed.

Please take the time to thank him for me, as he made our trip to Kihei a more pleasurable and personal experience by his kindness. I do not make it a habit of thanking those in the service industry (I probably should). But in this case I felt like giving kudos where kudos is deserved. I would recommend your store to anyone headed to Kihei."

sent in by Kevin M. from Seattle, Washington
March 6, 2013

Mahalo to Kevin for the kind words and it truly means so much that you would take the time to share your feedback about our Kihei Foodland location. Many thanks to our outstanding leadership provided by Store Director, Robert Cadle, at
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