Service Stories

At Foodland, we want to praise and recognize our employees for the good work that they do. Do you know an employee who provided exceptional service and went the extra mile to serve you? Please share your story.

Here are some of the stories from our customers:

Produce Experts

-from Melanie, Makakilo

"Arnie went way above my expectations! Not only did he tell me how to pick the best one, he cut one open and let me try it right there...Read the full story"

Nice and Courteous

-from Geri, Pearl City

"Manager Terry Adkins is a wonderful and excellent manager. He has gone above and beyond his duty as a manager. I have been a customer of Foodland for over 45 years...Read the full story"

Fabulous Florist

-from Lillian, Honolulu

"Whenever I pick up a floral arrangement from Mike, everyone oohs and ahhs and they want to know where I got it. When I tell them that it's from Foodland, they are shocked...Read the full story"

Joyful Shopping Experience

-from Alohalinda, Haleiwa

"A special mahalo for excellent customer service to Donna, who works in the Deli Section, and Tom, the meat manager...Read the full story"

Warm and Cheerful

-from Elsa, Kamuela

"A warm hug and a cheerful greeting from your cashier, Cindy, made us appreciate where we live even more...Read the full story"

Contagious Smiles

-from Jennifer, Honolulu

"Jeri the cashier is awesome. I will wait in line just so that she can help me. She always has a smile on her face and gives me a hug everytime...Read the full story"

Food, Family & Friends

-from Ernest, Honolulu

"I went to your Aina Haina store and had service from your Xan. As always, he was very helpful and pleasant. He helped to cut a watermelon which I had purchased...Read the full story"

Sharing Aloha Spirit

-from Christopher, Canada

"This is my first vacation in Maui, indeed in Hawaii. I have been so impressed by my welcome here. If I understand the term correctly, I think Kainoa perfectly embodied "Aloha" in her actions...Read the full story"

Excellence in Leadership

-from Kevin M., Seattle, Washington

"I couldn't help but notice the respect and good humour Rob showed when dealing with his staff. I noticed the trickle down affect this had on the people who worked under him. ...Read the full story"

Service with a Smile

-from Rosalind, Honolulu

"John seemed like he was genuinely happy doing his job and making it a pleasant experience for the shoppers...Read the full story"

Outstanding Service

-from Eunice, Hilo

"While I as a customer have several choices of available grocery stores to select from, I shop at your store because the customer service...Read the full story"

Full of Aloha

-from Talia, Ewa Beach

"Nani was so full of ALOHA and executed such great customer service that really made us feel welcomed at your store. I asked her if she liked working at the new Kapolei foodland and her response was...Read the full story"

Above and Beyond

-from Mrs. Sylvia M.

"From the moment he assisted me I was most comfortable and content. When fulfilling my order Akane asked, "Is there anything else I can get for you..."...Read the full story"

Serving with Urgency

-from Sherwood C., K&K Distrubutors

"The management and staff would like to thank Edy Oshiro for her quick thinking, her knowledge of applying first aid, and handling this in a very professional manner..."...Read the full story"

A Warm Smile

-from Pat H., Kihei

"You have a great ambassador of an associate. His name is Mark Phillips...Please ensure that this young man receives your highest award possible!!!
...Read the full story

Ultimate Aloha Spirit

-from Johnson W., Sunnyvale, California

"'Oh, I see you have a plum and a nectarine here. Are you gonna eat them on the road or bring home. I can wash it for you.'...Hats off to Craig Kadokawa whose hospitality epitomizes the ultimate aloha spirit..."
...Read the full story

So Helpful & Friendly

-from Mrs. L, Kalihi

"Alex was so nice and so informative on how to pick a sweet watermelon. He told me “You know, all our watermelon’s are sweet so let’s find you a big one!" He placed it in my wagon and told me if I needed help when I was done he would carry it to my car..."
...Read the full story

Stellar Customer Service

-from Jonathan, Kihei

"I have been shopping at Kihei Foodland for years and all the employees are awesome, but MINDA stands out for her ever helpful cheery personality, customer attentiveness and superior service."
...Read the full story

A Positive Happy Attitude

-from Mr. and Mrs. Murray, Kahului

"Rita conducts her job with professionalism, efficiency, and, best of all, a positive happy attitude! ... thanks to Rita for making our Foodland shopping days enjoyable!"
...Read the full story

Very Friendly and Real

-from Jacob, Honolulu

"When I went in, Vincent helped me. I was so impressed with the way he treated me, and the way he represented Foodland that I just had to tell you guys." ...Read the full story

Going the Extra Mile

-from Peggy, Aiea

"This was all made possible because of Howard. Throughout my shopping experience he was cheerful, courteous and laughing at himself because he had just taken off his jacket and now he was drenched" ...Read the full story