Sharing Aloha Spirit

"On Monday I visited your store for the first time. When I checked out I paid my bill with US$. However, the 35 cents I included was Canadian, since it is our custom to use Canadian and American coins interchangeably. The checkout clerk, Kainoa, was unable to accept the Canadian coins so she returned them to me. She then reached into her own pocket and deposited 35 cents into the till, smiled and wished me "Mahalo".

This is my first vacation in Maui, indeed in Hawaii. I have been so impressed by my welcome here. If I understand the term correctly, I think Kainoa perfectly embodied "Aloha" in her actions! I tried to stop by the Kihei store today to thank her but she wasn't on duty. Please thank her on my behalf and explain how touched I was by her generous response to a Canadian stranger. I will be sure to return to Maui and I'll make sure to shop at Foodland when I do.


sent in by Christopher from Canada
March 9, 2013

Mahalo to Christopher for sharing your experience while visiting Maui for the first time and we hope to see you again soon. Many thanks to Kainoa, cashier at Foodland Kihei, for treating all of our customers like family and going the extra mile. We are so grateful to have you on our team!

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