Ultimate Aloha Spirit

"'Oh, I see you have a plum and a nectarine here. Are you gonna eat them on the road or bring home. I can wash it for you.'
'Sorry we ran out of the Avocado Poke. Please let me offer you some other flavors to try out. I can make some fresh shoyu poke for you in a minute.'

Hats off to Craig Kadokawa whose hospitality epitomizes the ultimate aloha spirit.

Over the course of a week we bought a bunch of stuff like poke of various flavor, a nice, tender, flavorful rib eye, and lots of fruit. Poke is the freshest of all the supermarket offerings bar none.

The customer services there never fails to impress us. All thumbs up!"

sent in by Johnson W. L from Sunnyvale, CA
July 11, 2012

Mahalo to Johnson W. for the many compliments about his experiences at Foodland Farms Lahaina. Many thanks to Store Manager Craig Kadokawa for providing excellent customer service and going the extra mile. Many congratulations to Craig and his Seafood team for winning Hawaii's Best Store for Poke in our 2nd annual Poke Poll!

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