Wok Charred Edamame

Chef Keoni Chang shares the secret to making this local favorite pupu!


Chef Keoni Chang shares this amazing recipe for golden brown pan fried Gyoza!

Steamed Clams With Thai Red Curry

The spiciness of the Red Curry complements these clams perfectly, making this dish hard to resist!

Korean Tacos

Chef Keoni shows us how you can make these fun fusion Korean Tacos right at home!

Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls are a refreshing healthy appetizer that taste great all year long. Chef Keoni Chang shows us the tips and tricks to make them quick and easy right at home!

Soy Sake Glazed Salmon

Chef Keoni Chang shares his delicious recipe for this amazing local style Salmon!

Misoyaki Butterfish

Chef Keoni shows us a recipe for this local favorite that melts in your mouth!

Apple Banana Lumpia

A Filipino dessert that's always a local favorite!

Cold Ginger Chicken

Chef Keoni Chang shows us how to make this favorite Chinese dish. It's as easy as sauce, chicken, and eating!

Singapore Style Chili Crab

Foodland Chef Keoni Chang shows us how to make this wonderful exotic dish that's sweet, spicy, and delicious!

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