Asian Style Meatloaf

Chef Keoni Chang shares this local style take on Meatloaf that is simply ono!

Super Burgers

Chef Keoni Chang's amazing burger recipe that really hits the spot!

How to Pick a Steak with Chef Keoni

Our Chef Keoni Chang tells us how to pick and cook a perfect steak!

Local Style Beef Stew

A hearty local favorite that will warm your tummy!

Oxtail Soup

A delicious recipe for this Local Favorite!

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

Juicy, tender and wrapped in bacon, what more could you ask for?

Prime Rib

Foodland Chef Keoni Chang shows us how to make a juicy Prime Rib!

Kim Chee Fried Rice

Have any leftover rice? How about some leftover meat from last night's barbecue? Chef Keoni Chang shows us how to make your very own version of this quick and easy local favorite!

Cooking Video on making seared Veal Chops with Chef Keoni Chang

Chef Keoni Chang teaches the style and tips to cook a delicious Veal Chop perfectly seared. This is a simple recipe with a few key tips that will make the difference in a great Veal Chop.

Filet of Beef with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Chef Keoni Chang teaches us a fun, easy, and delicious way to cook steak. This recipe adds a bit of fire and sizzle to your cooking style while impressing all your friends with how good a filet can taste.

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