Chocolate Lava Cake


Topped with fresh raspberries and ice cream, share this Molten Chocolate Lava Cake on Valentine's Day.

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Aloha TimoandMommy! Mahalo for watching the video and we're glad you like the recipe adjustment feature.

That’s a tricky question though. By changing the chocolate amount, it effectively changes the percentages of flour and eggs in the whole recipe and that could make the cake firmer. If you have time, you could experiment with it to see….

But why would you want less chocolate? I would have guessed MORE!.... Another thought… if you think it’s would be too bitter, you could try using semi sweet or even milk chocolate…

Then of course, you could also keep the recipe and add a ton of whipped cream or ice cream too : )

Happy Valentine's Day!

Looks soooo 'ono! Thanks for sharing the video & recipe. And - it is very cool that users are able to "adjust servings" on your recipe. Maika'i nui! =) One question - how can we make it less strong on the chocolate meter? Do we just lessen the amount of chocolate?

Thank you for the feedback. We'll take this into consideration for future videos which may get messy. Glad you enjoyed the recipe and mahalo for shopping with us at Foodland!

This is a great thing to have the video of the cooking of the recipe. Why is it that they don't have any aprons on. That splash on his shirt should be a reminder. I enjoyed and need to go and bake some now. Mahalo nui loa!

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