How to Pick a Steak with Chef Keoni


Our Chef Keoni Chang tells us how to pick and cook a perfect steak!

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Hi Mochi1965, great question. This really goes back to the two things Chef Keoni mentions: picking a steak with great marbling and/or a fat cap, and then cooking your steak on high heat to your desired level of doneness.
As far as value goes, we asked Chef Keoni to clarify, and he suggested that the Top Sirloin is a great value, but he noted that to keep it tender and juicy, enjoy it cooked medium to medium rare. If you enjoy a medium well to well done steak, Chef Keoni suggested going with the Rib Eye, as the marbling on this cut lends to a more juicy and tender steak.
Mahalo for the inquiry and hope this info helps!

so what cut will give me the juiciest and most tender steak for my buck?

Mahalo for the feedback SweetAloha. We appreciate you checking out our videos and recipes! Aloha!

The video is very informative and helpful. I am a steak person but not too good in picking and cooking steaks. Thanks

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