A Warm Smile

"You have a great ambassador of an associate. His name is Mark Phillips. I came in the store on Saturday, August 25th, looking for the weekly ad item, 8 Elephants Jasmine Rice. None was in the Asian foods aisle, with no tag indicating where it was located. I checked all the endcaps and then went looking for help. I saw a friendly face in produce, and asked for his help. He looked at the ad, came down the aisle with me, and then asked to take the ad into the back to get help. He came out a few minutes later with a bag of the ad rice with a huge smile on his face. He said that while he was looking for help, he saw it on the side. I thanked him, but neglected to ask for his name. I went back today and saw the same warm smile directed at other customers. I stopped by to ask for his name, and he actually remembered which day he had assisted me. Please ensure that this young man receives your highest award possible!!! He is the only person in any of your stores that has prompted me to to speak out on their behalf. Job Well Done!

sent in by Pat H. from Kihei
August 27, 2012

Mahalo to Pat H. for sharing her experience at Foodland Kihei. Many thanks to Mark Phillips, Produce Clerk at Foodland Kihei, for going the extra mile to find Pat her desired item, and treating our customers like family. Great job Mark!

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