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Shop for Higher Education 2017

As we kick off our 12th annual Shop For Higher Education program, we are excited about its significant value in helping Hawaii’s students achieve their dreams of attending college and reaching their career goals. Each year past scholarship recipients and their parents tell us how grateful they are for our scholarships.

Without financial aid resources like Foodland’s Shop for Higher Education, many high school seniors would not be able to afford attending college. Seniors have shared with us their wide-ranging career goals including emergency medical technicians, educators, event planners, engineers and doctors. Many of these careers can only be attained with a college education.

How to eat a Dragon Fruit?

Ever wonder how to cut open this exotic unusual looking Dragon Fruit? Here are a couple quick tips on how to enjoy a delicious locally grown Kona Dragon Fruit:

•Slice the fruit in half, lengthwise, as shown in the picture to the left.

•Scoop out the white (sometimes red or fuchsia) flesh onto a separate dish or bowl.

•The seeds are completely edible (much like a kiwi), so go ahead and dice up fruit into bite-size morsels.

Choose to Reuse at Foodland

With the bag ban going statewide on July 1, we here at Foodland are ready to make this an easy transition for you. From reminders to rewards, and new bags to choose from…we’ve got you covered.

Make sure you have plenty of bags.
Show your personality by toting your favorite design. They also make great gifts! We have all these styles to choose from. Shop Online

Plus, we’ll have our NEW Local Food Pyramid bag in stores very soon.

Don’t forget to bring your bags Keep them in convenient places like by the front door, by your car keys, in your car, at work, in your backpack or laptop tote. If you still forget, we can help. We offer “cart-to-car carryout” and will bring your groceries out to your car and pack them for you. You’ll still earn bag credits.

Eat Local Tuesdays

Introducing Eat Local Tuesdays! Have you ever thought about how much locally grown or locally produced food you eat every week? If you are like many of us here in Hawaii, you probably don’t eat local food very much.” In fact, while most of us know that buying and eating local is important for our community and good for us, we continue to rely heavily—and spend the majority of our food budgets—on imported food.

Orange Signs for Eat Local Today

Are you a part of the growing number of people interested in supporting local and buying local? We are too! It's a huge initiative that's gaining a lot of traction here in Hawaii, and we at Foodland are hoping to make it easier for you all to join in the movement! As a part of our ongoing push for local visibility in our stores, we've introduced new signs to help make buying local easy! Just look for the new orange signs to find locally made and locally grown items on sale throughout our stores. This is just one part of our larger push to buy local, support local, and improve food sustainability here in Hawaii. Please visit our main Eat Local Today page for more information on our exciting new weekly initiative!