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The Meaning Behind Colors of Flowers

Flowers come in a rainbow of beautiful colors, but did you know that specific flower colors relate to certain emotions and moods? Here are some of the meanings behind the colors of flowers:

  • Yellow: symbolizes happiness, friendship, enthusiasm, luxury, and pride.
  • Red: symbolizes the feeling of emotions like love and passion.
  • Orange: symbolizes satisfaction, confidence and passion for ... more »

Value to Registering on

Some of our customers have been curious to the benefits of registering on the website. I wanted to take a moment to explain all the benefits and answer any questions you might have.

Favorite Store:
The first benefit to registering on the website is that you can choose your favorite store. Once you have picked your favorite store, our system will remember that when you ... more »

New T-Shirts - Local Mo' Bettah & Bambucha

We have another line of T-Shirts joining the Foodland family! The two new shirts are based on our “Local Slang” reusable bag design. The “Local Mo’ Bettah” T-Shirt has a big, colorful block of different local terms and sayings on the back with “Local Mo’ Bettah” proudly printed in green on the front.

Brewing up a good Super Bowl Sunday

The best part of Super Bowl Sunday for me personally is the gathering of all my friends and family and sharing of good food and drinks.

Somehow, at my SuperBowl parties, beer always seems to take center stage.

Here's what I'll be serving to my Super Bowl friends this year:

more »

Thank You for Making a Difference!

It always amazes us and warms our hearts that our customers are so generous and kind in supporting those in need during the holidays each year. This past holiday season, through your donations at checkout, we were able to provide more than $96,000 in holiday meals to Hawaii’s families!

Thank you so much on behalf of Foodland, The Salvation Army and the thousands of families who benefited from your thoughtfulness.

Foodland and Hawaiian Airlines Announce New Partnership

Customers Can Now Earn HawaiianMiles by Grocery Shopping at Foodland
We are excited to begin our new partnership with Hawaiian Airlines and the HawaiianMiles frequent-flyer program! Grocery shoppers statewide can now earn HawaiianMiles by shopping at Foodland, Sack N Save and Foodland Farms stores using their Maika`i cards. We are the only supermarket in Hawaii to offer this great Hawaiian Airlines benefit to our loyal customers!

Here’s how it ... more »

New Musubi T-Shirts!

Introducing our brand-new line of Musubi T-shirts! Based on the design of our popular Musubi Reusable Bag, these t-shirts are just in time for the holidays and make a great last-minute holiday gift! (I actually just bought some for my whole family last weekend!)

Choose from the “Musubi Bunch” design (a super cute design that incorporates all ten of the musubi varieties found on our reusable bag) or the “Giant Musubi” design that teaches you how to make the perfect spam musubi.

Foodland Reusable Bags are Safe

As you may have already heard, a Florida newspaper recently reported on lead content in the paint on some reusable bags from local Florida supermarkets. (To read the full, original story, visit

Wing's of the Morning 100% Pure Kona Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs can appreciate the pristine purity of Wing's of the Morning 100% Kona coffee. This is the type of small production farming that we normally associate with fine wine-making. Ka'lo farms is located on the high, steep, and rocky slopes in Kona. This elevation is great for the berries, and bad for mechanical harvesting, so nearly all of the picking is done by hand, berry-by-berry. This personal care and hand selection makes for a much higher quality and truly pure ... more »

Mahalo for Taking the Bag Challenge!

I’ve come to realize that as a kama`aina company, Foodland truly cares about our community and the place we call home. In one of our meetings, someone reported that an average Hawaii family uses more than 700 plastic bags a year for grocery shopping. With more than 400,000 Hawaii households, that’s more than 280,000,000 plastic bags a year! We knew that we needed to work towards changing those statistics.

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