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Live, Love, Local (Fruit!)

Our top picks for getting fruity – local style – this week.

Local Kohala Grapefruit

Sweeter than their mainland cousins, they’re great for breakfast and amazing in our recipe for Kampachi Sashimi.

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Local Apple Bananas

For smoothies, banana bread, lumpia or just a peel-and-eat snack. Local mo’ bettah!

Local Papaya

Perfect with a squeeze of lemon! But save the seeds for Papaya Seed Dressing.

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Local Soursop

Sweet, creamy and way better than it looks! Try it in a morning smoothie.

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Local Oranges

Our favorite Local Citrus Salad celebrates all we love about this juicy, sweet fruit.

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Local Rambutan

Creamier than lychee and always a-peeling.


Local Pineapple

Our Pina Colada Popsicles is a fresh new way to enjoy this fave fruit.

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