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Signing Up for a Maika'i Card is Easy

Here's what to do.

1. Visit a Store

Stop by any Foodland location and ask to sign up for a Maika'i Card. We'll be more than happy to guide you through the process. Simply shop for all your groceries, then proceed to checkout and let the cashier know you’d like to sign up for a Maika’i card. All you’ll need to provide is a 10-digit number (usually a phone number).

You’ll be able to receive Maika'i prices on that same shopping visit and you will also earn Maika'i points towards your first My Rewards certificate.

Maikai Card How To Get Started Store Exterior

2. Download the App

You can also create your Maika'i account on our Foodland mobile app. Just download the app from one of the links below and select “Register” on the welcome screen.

In addition to creating a Maika'i account, you’ll be able to view our weekly specials and offers, create a personalized shopping list and track your progress towards obtaining My Rewards Certificates.

Download the Foodland app today:

Maikai Card App Sample Screen Shot