Cooking Tips

"Keoni's Kitchen" Quick Tips: Seasoning!

Chef Keoni shows how to properly season!

Kabocha with Soy Ginger Glaze

Chef Keoni Chang shares this delicious recipe for braised Kabocha Pumpkin with a Soy Ginger Glaze. Braising kabocha brings out its sweet, nutty flavor and marries well with Asian ingredients like shoyu, ginger, garlic, and yuzu.

Pineapple Cutting Tips

Chef Keoni Chang shares some quick tips on how to cut a pineapple in several different ways. Be sure to check out this week's featured recipe for Pineapple Apple Brown Betty.

Cooking Tips on how to prepare a Kabocha Pumpkin

Preparing a Kabocha Pumpkin can be a little intimidating, but our Top Chef Keoni Chang breaks down how to properly cut and peel a Kabocha Pumpkin. This is helpful for our recipes for Kabocha with Soy Ginger Glaze, Spicy Pumpkin Chili and Vegetarian Smokey Pumpkin Burritos.

Vanilla Custard

Chef Keoni Chang shares how to prepare this delicious vanilla custard from scratch!

Basic Risotto

Chef Keoni shows us his easy approach to a delicious risotto.

Smoked Turkey

A juicy and flavorful way to prepare your next Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey!

How to Pick a Steak with Chef Keoni

Our Chef Keoni Chang tells us how to pick and cook a perfect steak!

Cooking Salmon with Chef Keoni Chang on "Let's Go Fishing"

Foodland Chef Keoni chang shows us how to cook a Seared Honey Vanilla Cured Salmon on the tv show "Let's Go Fishing."

Cooking Tips on how to Slice and Dice with Chef Keoni Chang

Learn the tips and tricks for properly Slicing and Dicing foods with Chef Keoni Chang. Slicing and dicing an onion may seem simple, but these tricks will help make the preparation easier and the end product look even better.

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