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Charcuterie boards!

Unique and beautiful as they are delicious, these imaginative and edible DIY bring delight, whether as a too-tired-to-cook meal, a don’t-want-to fuss-but-want-to-impress pupu or a just-need-something-really-good-to-tie-me-over snack. Best of all, we can create them just the way we want — salty, sweet, soft, hard, crunchy or whatever suits our fancy. Here are some ideas to craft yours.

Creamy Cheese

Buttery, rich and oozing with goodness, cheese is always a great starting point. Our favorite is Guilloteau Fromager D’Affinois available at R. Field locations, but you can’t go wrong with Boar’s Head French Brie, Chevre or Camembert either.


Cured Meat

We love the salty, savory heartiness that meat adds to charcuterie boards, and prosciutto is our top pick. These melt-in-your-mouth thin slices provide just the right pairing to creamy cheese no matter the brand, but for a real treat, we recommend Principe Prosciutto San Danielle from our R. Field stores.

Maika‘i Artisan Crisps

Our favorite new way to graze, these hand crafted, twice-baked, thinly sliced crisps create a light, airy delectable base. With subtle sophisticated flavors like fig and black sesame, cranberry and pumpkin seed and more, they are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds.

Epicurean Extras

This is where the adventure — and fun — begins! Personalize your board with a flourish of color, texture and wow. Maika‘i Turkish Apricots. Kalamata olives. Fresh grapes and sliced pears make great choices as do local treats like roasted macadamia nuts and dark chocolate. So get creative and be sure to share your pics @FoodlandHI!.

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