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Asian Pears

They’re back…and we’re excited! That’s because there’s nothing quite like the refreshingly sweet and perfectly crispy taste of an Asian pear. So treasured that they were once reserved only for nobility, they’re now here to bring joy to all.


Good Roots Lotus Chips

We admit we were a little skeptical when our buyer found these. “Hmm...Lotus chips...really?” But then we tried one... and then another... and pretty soon the bag was gone. And then we moved on to the next flavor! Trust us on this one...they are that good!

Keto Pint Ice Cream

Yes, we love ice cream. And yes, we want to be healthy. Ice cream or healthy? Healthy or ice cream? Finally, the age-long debate is over because now we can have both. Creamy and indulgent with no added sugar, Keto Pint Ice Cream is our new “guilty pleasure.”

Old Tub Bourbon Whiskey

If you enjoy good bourbon as much as we do, this one’s for you. In fact, this limited edition unfiltered barrel aged selection with hints of cinnamon, black pepper and vanilla is so good, it’s great straight up or on the rocks. And at this price, it won’t be around for long.

Available only at full-service R. Field Wine Company stores.

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