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Local Roma Tomatoes

We love eating local produce not only because it supports Hawaii farmers, but because everything tastes so much fresher. Meaty with flavor that intensifies with cooking, these Oahu-grown Romas are ideal for making your favorite sauce and are also great in chopped salads and salsas.

Oahu-grown Roma Tomatoes

Maika‘i Organic Artisanal Spaghetti

If you haven’t yet tried our Maika‘i pasta, now’s the time! With delicate flavor and just the right bite, our authentic-as-it gets, made-in-Italy spaghetti is a must for this week’s Foodland 5 recipe: Spaghetti Alle Vongole. Buonissimo!

Made in Italy Maika'i Pasta


J. Wilkes Chardonnay

Here’s our tip of the week: only cook with wine you’ll drink. Why? Because what doesn’t end up in the recipe will end up in your why not make it good! Highly rated, this Chardonnay has a light fruitiness balanced with an oaky finish. Try it in this week’s Foodland 5 recipe and put our tip to the test.

J. Wilkes Chardonnay

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