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Ground Bison

If you’re game to try something new, our latest, greatest recommendation is bison. Yes, BISON and YES, it tastes good. Plus, it’s good for you – with fewer calories, way less fat and more protein than ground beef. And it’s grass-fed and pasture-raised naturally without hormones, antibiotics or feed additives. Oh, and it makes an awesome burger – need we say more?


Oils of Aloha
Macadamia Oil

Ok, we admit that we really didn’t know that mac nut oil was even a thing until our buyer brought some by for us to try. And now, we’re kind of hooked big-time on this local, easy-touse-on anything-in-any-way-you-like oil. Buttery and nutty in flavor with a high smoke point, it’s especially perfect for roasting, sautéing or grilling your meat, fish and veggies.

Maika‘i Rice & Adzuki Bean Chips

We know what you’re thinking…rice and adzuki bean chips...REALLY? Yes, really. As in really delicious and really good. We admit we were a bit skeptical (and kind of happy the bag was snack sized), but they’re so addictingly delicious…we fought over the next bag. So close your eyes, forget about the name and just dive in and enjoy!

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