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Just add poi!

Kudos to our seafood team for finding a way to satisfy our craving for a little poi with our poke. Yup, no more fretting over what to do with a whole bag of poi on the go because single-serve poi cups are available at the poke counter all the time. Poi to the world!


La Tour Sourdough Bread

We’re pretty sweet on sourdough, so when we found out our friends at Oahu-based La Tour Café could get their crunchy on the outside, light and airy on the inside sourdough bread to all our stores we were in! Believe us, there’s nothing quite like it for making the ultimate grilled cheese!

Maika‘i Stroopwafels

Stroop what? We had no idea what these were or how to pronounce them, but now we’re more than a little bit crazy for these two thin layers of waffle-like wafer cookies joined by dreamy, creamy caramel. Pro Tip: they make the most amazing, incredibly delicious ice cream sandwich!

Available at all stores, 
or order online for curbside pickup or delivery through Foodland To You. 

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