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Butterscotch Pears

If you enjoy Korean pears as much as we do, you’ll want to race to the store and get these right now. Delightfully crisp and oh so refreshing, these plump, thin-skinned treasures make a perfect addition to holiday salads, crisps, tarts and more. But hurry because they’re seasonal and won’t be here long.


Maika‘i Pita Crackers

Trust us and just go ahead and add these to your cart! You’ll thank us the next time you need a salty crunchy snack that feels pretty good-for-you too. Airy and crisp with a touch of sea salt, these crackers are great with cheese, salami, dips and hummus and make the perfect addition to every holiday spread.

Pumpkin Chiffon Double Layer Cake

Mmm...pumpkin...that wonderful flavor that is synonymous with Thanksgiving. We love it in pies, in coffee drinks and in everyone’s favorite pumpkin crunch. But our new, favorite pumpkin treat is this light, fluffy, decadently sweet creation from our chef team. Be sure to try it while it lasts!

Available at all stores, 
or order online for curbside pickup or delivery through Foodland To You. 

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