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Sensei Farms
Lāna‘i Mini Tomatoes

If you love the freshness of Lāna‘i-grown Sensei Farms greens, you won’t want to miss these tomatoes! Grown in a solar-powered greenhouse using farming methods that maximize nutrients, they’re bursting with sweetness and bring to life why we think local produce is always a great pick.

Local Tomatoes from Lāna‘i

Maika‘i Organic
Penne Pasta

For those nights when we crave a warm, comforting meal that’s easy to prepare and really, really good, we turn to this made-in-Italy pasta. Whether we toss it with Maika‘i extra virgin olive oil, roasted Sensei Farms tomatoes, basil and freshly grated Parmesan, or one of our favorite Maika‘i pasta sauces, we know we’ll be saying, “molto bene!”

Maika’i Organic Penne Pasta

Chili Crisp

This stuff is hot — and we don’t just mean spicy! Yup, this add-excitement-to-everything condiment of fried chili pepper and aromatics infused in oil is flying off our shelves. We love the amazing boost of flavor it gives to pizza, eggs, fried chicken and more, and can’t wait to try it in this week’s Foodland 5 recipe: Blanched Romaine Lettuce with Chili Crisp!

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Chili Crisp

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